Three Essential Roles

In my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve discovered that all employees typically fit into one of three categories: Visionaries, Builders, and Managers. These roles are a byproduct of the “Make it Up, Make it Real and Make it Recur” framework developed by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, and all three are crucial for business success.

As the visionary, you can dream up innovative ideas effortlessly. However, translating those ideas into reality requires builders—individuals with the skills to execute and bring your vision to life. Often, this task is far more complex than it seems, highlighting the importance of recognizing and leveraging the talents of builders.

Builders are invaluable assets to any organization, but they can be challenging to find. Whether they’re within your team or sourced externally, identifying and utilizing their abilities can transform your business by establishing efficient processes and systems.

For those team members tasked with building but struggling, it’s essential to understand that not everyone excels in this role. However, with clear guidance and support, many individuals can thrive albeit in a different role, that of the manager.

Managers, the third essential category, ensure the smooth operation and continuity of your business. While different from builders, they are equally vital in maintaining stability and driving growth.  They are the foundations on which you will build consistency and excellence in the products and services you have built.

By understanding the roles of visionaries, builders, and managers, entrepreneurs can optimize their teams, ensuring that each member is in their element. This alignment maximizes productivity and innovation, propelling the venture forward.

Recognizing the unique strengths of individuals and assigning them to suitable roles is key to entrepreneurial success. Embrace the diversity of talents within your team, and watch as your business achieves remarkable accomplishments.

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