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Accounting Business Services

At Duckett Ladd, we understand the unique challenges that dentists face. From managing insurance claims to complying with complex regulations, dental professionals have their hands full. 

That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of accounting services for dental practices. As your complete financial strategy solution, we partner with you to ensure that your business remains financially healthy so that you can continue operating the practice you have always dreamed of owning.

Why Work With Duckett Ladd?

Duckett Ladd was founded to help dental professionals streamline their business operations to generate more value from their business hours. Ask yourself: Do you receive greater value from spending more time with patients or sitting in an office chair? 

Our services allow you to better utilize your business hours so that you can focus more on providing excellent care to your patients. While you’re spending more time with them, we’ll ensure the financial aspects of your practice receive their due diligence from a team of experienced dental CPAs. 

How We Do Accounting for Dentists

Our accounting services include:


Tax Planning

Is your practice paying more in taxes than it should have to? With a comprehensive tax strategy, our team at Duckett Ladd will help ensure that you are never overpaying or underpaying. 

We stay up to date on the latest tax laws and regulations so you don’t have to. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive tax strategy that minimizes your tax liability and maximizes your bottom line along with ongoing advice and support tailored to your specific business needs.



Our team understands the complexities of dental billing and coding, and we can help you stay on top of your finances so that you can focus on providing quality care to your patients. Our dental bookkeeping services are customized to fit your unique needs. We offer a variety of reports and tools to help you manage your practice’s finances so that you can spend more time doing what you love about your profession and less time bogged down by administrative tasks.


Financial Statement Preparation

As a dentist, you know that financial management is a critical part of running a successful practice. From insurance reimbursements to employee salaries, there are seemingly countless numbers to keep track of. 

That’s where we come in. We’ll make sure that your statements are accurate and compliant with all applicable laws. We’ll also work with you to identify opportunities for cost savings and improvement. 



Creating financial reports consumes valuable time that you could be spending with patients. We’ll make sure that all of your reports are accurate so that you can remain protected against potential liabilities.

Our Process is Simple and Saves You Time

You’ve invested an incredible amount of time and money to become the dental professional you are today. Make the most of that investment by stepping away from the office chair and more time with your patients. 

Our process is designed with your vision for an ideal practice in mind. This informs how we can best serve as your strategic partner in building a business that supports the lifestyle you want to live. 

We begin with a thorough diagnosis of your practice. This involves a complete overview of your business concerns and needs. Once we understand the root causes of the issues you face, we can effectively begin to treat them. 

After we know what’s ailing you from a business perspective, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan for your practice. We’ll connect the points on the roadmap from where you currently are to where you eventually want to be. 

From there, we’ll take care of your business operations so that you can step off of the hamster wheel. You can finally take that vacation you’ve dreamt up for the past few years.

No Long-Term Contracts

We believe that flexibility is critical to an evolving dental practice. This is why we don’t require long-term contracts to assist you in achieving your business goals. 

We can scale with your business as your operational needs change over time. We’re dedicated to supporting you through all stages of your practice growth using our proven process that delivers results from small rural offices to large organizations in major cities. 


The crew at Duckett and Ladd have taken care of all my small business books for the last year and I could not be happier. Being a refrigeration guy (and not an accountant) there are a lot of things regarding taxes I don't understand. The team allows me to sleep easy knowing that I don't need to be versed in the uniform tax code. They advise me with future growth tax strategies in mind and they take the time to explain the benefits and reasons behind the options. With the late season tax reviews I am assured there won't be any surprises.
David Warnke


Our visits each month are so appreciated. Having your input and eyes watching what we do is so helpful. The notes taken from our discussions are SOOOO beneficial and create valuable discussions for us at home. Adding both of your expertise has changed what we do and how we evaluate things for the better! THANK YOU! You both are outstanding at what you do, and I'm thrilled we are working together.
Sondra Jensen (Practice Manager) At Ben jenson dental


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