The Proven Process

Think about the process you currently have with your accountant or you currently have with your tax preparer or CPA consultant.  What is that process that you go through on an annual basis? Are you seeing your CPA once a year, twice a year, you sit down with them and look at your financials or maybe you do tax projections? I just want to go through what we call “The Proven Process“. You might be asking yourself what is “The Proven Process“? If you dive into this proven process, the end result is this is going to provide you overall accountability and proactivity. This is our Process Wheel:


You are doctors, you know what diagnosis means. So think about in your practice, you have got that patient that comes in for the first time and you’re looking over their teeth, you’re giving them a diagnosis and you’re talking to them about, “where are your pain points at?” How do you see yourself getting better? That’s exactly what we’re doing with our clients when they’re coming on board, we’re talking to doctors in their dental practices and saying, where are you currently at? Because the thing with diagnosis is you can’t get where you want to go if you don’t currently know where you’re at. What are the pain points in your business? What we do is we sit down and we have what’s called a DL Dental Scorecard. It’s basically eight categories that we go through. You rate yourself one to 12 based on where you’re at. Maybe it’s take-home pay, maybe in your practice, your take-home pay is low compared to industry standards. Maybe you ranked that like a three or four, maybe on overhead it’s really low too or maybe your overhead is extremely high, so you rated low.  We look at each of those categories and say, okay, this is where we’re at. This is the diagnosis; this is where you’re currently at in your business. Now let’s go get better. 


What are our goals?  Maybe that take-home pay and you want to get that above industry standards. Right? Nobody wants to be average. You know that your business is the ultimate driver of your personal life, right? It’s probably your biggest asset. So if your business is doing extremely well, that’s going to directly correlate to your personal life. Maybe you have a big personal goal to travel overseas and help us help a charitable organization or maybe you want to give back to your church X amount of money every single year. Those are goals we talk about every single year. You see how that’s totally different than your typical accountant. You know, we just don’t do your taxes every year. We sit down and figure out how we can make you better. Where do you want to go to get better and how are we going to plug in to get better? Once we come out of goal planning, we would come out with the objective. These are our goals.


What are we going to do this year to get you there? So, we take this plan, we take the goals combined with the plan, and we put them into a big dashboard. A big dashboard attracts probably 12 to 15 KPIs. The big difference is the accountability aspect. We’re not just going to have goals and a plan. We’re going to sit down every single month and provide a system of accountability for you because that’s the only way to get better. This is the secret sauce of the proven process.


We’re going to sit down on a monthly basis and we’re going to say, okay, here are the goals we came up with. Here’s the dashboard. This shows where we’re at on the goals every single month. We’re going to track to see if we’re getting off the track. Just like Gino Wickman talks about this in the book, traction. For many of you guys who probably read traction, he talks about that plane that’s taken off. When they are sitting there on the runway and they’re getting ready to take off and they’re going to go to a destination, they set their gauges and they take off to make sure they’re going in the right direction, but then as they’re flying, they’re constantly looking at those gauges to make sure they’re on track. They’re going to make sure they’re not going in the wrong direction because if you get off just a little bit when you’re flying an airplane, you’re going to be off a whole lot in the end. The same thing in your business, we’re going to sit there and provide that system of accountability to where every single month we are looking to see if you’re on track, we’re looking at the metrics. We’re looking at the gauges of your business airplane to see if you’re still going in the right direction because if we get off just a little bit, you’re going to get way off at the end. Every single month we’re having a meeting and we’re sitting down and saying, this is where you’re at. This is your goal. Are we in line? If we’re not, let’s talk about them. Accountability is the overall thing here. Sit back and think about at the beginning in the proven process that you have with your accountant, are you doing these things? Are you meeting with your CPA tax preparer consultant every single month? If you’re not, that is a must. If you want to get better, that’s a must. It’s not a should. If you don’t do that, maybe you’re going to get better, but the likelihood of you getting better by meeting once a month is highly more than if you don’t every single month.


Most of those clients we bring on board, we work specifically with dental practices is they’re not getting this and when we sit down and say, this is what they’re going to do, they’re like, wow, we didn’t know CPAs would do that.  A CPA for him would actually sit down and look at my numbers on a monthly basis and we do more than just look at your numbers. We don’t just sit down and say, well, your staff salaries are high. Go fix them. We dive deep and say, okay, your staff salaries are high. Let’s talk about this. How many hygienists do you have on staff? What’s your administrative staff look like? Is your hygienist actually producing what they’re supposed to be producing? And then the overall thing is, what we’re looking at is thinking about just your practice in general. You know your total revenue. I asked this question; do you know what your annualized revenue per full-time employee is? Most of you guys right now are scratching their heads saying, wow, I had no idea. If you don’t know that, you have to know that you have to know the current state of your practice. If you’re not getting this from your current CPA, if you want more, and it’s twofold. If you want more and you want to get better, guys jump on the Proven Process because again, it’s a proven process. We set it the system of accountability, doing the system of accountability provides the results and here’s the ultimate thing. Again, this is the secret sauce, but this is the fun part. Once we provide results, it makes an impact. We sit down every year with dental practice owners and we say, guys, we hit those goals, we got better, and we’re not just going to stop it there.


The business is the biggest asset that the doctor has. It directly correlates to their personal life. If we can make their business better, their personal life is going to get better and that makes an impact on everybody. All team members at the doctor’s practice, everybody’s getting better and the fun thing is we just don’t stop there. We just don’t dive in and say, wow, we made an impact. We do it again. We can always get better. It’s a proven process that just keeps going around. Where are you low? How can we get better? Let’s do it again. Let’s put goals in place. Let’s have a plan and then we’re going to get in front of you every single month. No excuses. Every single month we’re getting to get in front of you because the only way to get better in any business, the only way to get better is to do this. Figure out where you’re at. Come up with goals, create the plan, the sweet sauce system of accountability.  If you’re not doing this in your practice, you have to create a system of accountability, which correlates to results, the impact and let’s do it all over again.  I ask you this if you’re not currently getting that, if you’re not getting that with your current provider, your CPA, tax preparer and you want more guys, get with us.  We love helping people. We love helping business owners get better, especially dental practices. We want to take you through the proven process, cause I guarantee you, if we get you in this process, you’re going to get better.


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