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On Today’s Episode of the Dental Momentum Podcast…

On Today’s Episode of the Dental Momentum Podcast, Bill and Jared sit down with Dr. Paul Goodman aka Dr. Nacho.

The Dental Nachos mission is to dramatically increase the success and happiness of private practice dentists across every stage of their professional career. They are here for you in a variety of ways, including continued education courses, both in-person and online learning available, small group workshops, study clubs, practice transitions, professional coaching, and personalized practice consulting.

Whether you are still in dental school or a recent graduate, have been practicing dentistry for a few years, or are a seasoned dentist, Dental Nachos is beneficial for you. Their network of resources for dental professionals is unmatched, and who doesn’t love Nachos?!

We truly enjoyed this conversation and hope you will too. Listen in on our conversation with Dr. Nacho.


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