Lightning in a Bottle

When Jared and I founded Duckett Ladd in 2015, we coined the abstract term “Project 27” as a rallying cry for our quest towards excellence.  Although its exact meaning remained elusive to our team, we all knew it symbolized our aspiration to be the best.

In reality, its origins occurred during a reflective stroll with my dog after a challenging split from a previous partnership.  The proverbial lightning strike of inspiration hit and our purpose, core values, and beliefs poured out of my subconscious, forming the foundation of what we wanted our business to embody.  I rushed back to my computer and my ideas were confirmed with Jared’s two word response, “Game On.”

During that walk, a random quote from a beloved TV show made me think of naming our new identity as Project 27, which in my mind was a perfect symbol of our quest to be the best. Despite months of speculation from the team, we kept its direct meaning a mystery, yet its essence — striving for excellence — endured.

Our core values and purpose have remained steadfast with only small tweaks since that pivotal moment.  I’m grateful for our team’s embrace of Project 27 and for Jared’s support as my sounding board. Lightning-in-a-bottle moments like these are rare but can redefine the game if nurtured. 

Until next time!



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