Every minute you spend chasing the details of something that isn’t your core strength is a minute you could be spending with your employees, your customers, or your family. You started a business so you could do more of the things you’re passionate about, and that is exactly what you should still be doing! At Duckett Ladd, we believe there are three solid reasons every business should consider outsourcing:

1. Bargained Expertise: Where hiring a high-level professional might cost you $75,000+ per year in salary, you can get the same level of expertise from an outsourced professional for a fraction of the expense. But outsourcing allows you to bargain for even more than just the cost of the work: The quality of work done on your business far outweighs the quantity of hours you pay for. By hiring a high-caliber professional, you get more solid results in a shorter amount of time with less headaches, AND you pay less.

2. Multiplied Energy: You have a finite amount of energy to give your business. Tasks that you are good at take less energy than tasks outside of your strengths. By outsourcing non-strength tasks, you are actually buying yourself energy and time at a double rate. This allows you to be more free to make the important decisions.

3. Compounded Confidence = Growth: Outsourcing with a trusted professional removes worry. When you aren’t second-guessing decisions made in areas of your weakness, you wake up with more confidence that your business is being managed properly. Confidence is an invaluable currency that allows you to take on new ventures, make better decisions, and make the success of your business a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Outsourced services can include marketing services, information technologies, human resources, legal services, property management, payroll, and financial services.

At Duckett Ladd, we offer outsourced accounting services, but we also USE other outsourced services in many areas. We believe in the concept because we see the benefits in our own business. We believe you will too.