Learning to Drive

As a parent, my son’s recent acquisition of his learner’s permit has thrust me into a mix of excitement and apprehension. Reflecting on this milestone, I realize I underestimated the stress and patience it demands.

Guiding him behind the wheel requires a delicate balance: offering clear, calm instructions without resorting to panicked outbursts. Allowing room for minor mistakes while preventing major ones. Beginning on quiet backroads before venturing onto busier highways. It’s a journey that demands patience, perseverance, and the wisdom passed down from my own parents.

Interestingly, this parallels the experience of welcoming a new team member. Some are ready to dive into complex tasks immediately (highways), while others need time to acclimate (backroads). Just as with my son, patience, perseverance, and empathy are key.

In both cases, valuable skills are being cultivated – driving for safety, and professional development for success. Let’s remember our own learning curves and extend the same understanding to others.

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