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Think of your business as a big bucket.

Every single business out there has holes in their bucket. They have pain points; they have things they need to fix.

When people’s businesses are not doing well, their natural inclination is to go out and work harder. You know, dentists are specifically there, they’re worried about…

“I have to go out and produce more, I have to get more patients in the chair, and I have to work harder and produce and produce and produce.”

That’s going to work to a degree.

But producing more work or working harder isn’t always the solution.

Some businesses have bigger gaping holes and some have smaller holes, but then we look at the production side:

  • The production that you’re doing
  • How hard you are working
  • The revenue-driven stuff that you’re doing that’s providing water into your business









Every business has water leaking out through those holes. If you’re one of those business owners that have big gaping holes, it doesn’t matter how much water or how much production you put into the business, it’s always going to trickle or gush out.

So, before you go out and produce more and before you go out and try to put more water in your bucket, look at your bucket first off – saying…

“What are the holes in my business?”

“What are the holes in my bucket that I can fix?”

The only way you can figure out what holes you have in your bucket is to know your numbers.

The data in your business is going to show you where you are. It is going to show you how big
those holes are in your business.

Go fix the holes first, and then once you have those holes fixed, you produce.

You’re going to fill that bucket, and that thing is going to overflow.

Don’t just naturally go out and work harder. Produce more, figure out how to fix the holes in
your business first, and then you’re going to get better.


Do you need help fixing the holes in your business? Email me at jduckett@duckettladd.com.

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