What is a Dental Coach? How They Can Help Your Practice Grow

A dental coach is a business professional who helps dentists grow and manage their practices. 

Dental coaches may be accountants, experienced business owners, or retired dentists. Coaches apply their industry-specific expertise to help practices expand and thrive. 

Beyond the dental industry, many industries employ business coaches with specific expertise to help provide valuable insights and motivate leadership. This outside perspective can help refocus you and your team on the objective duties of operating your business to ensure it is performing at its peak potential. 

You Don’t Have to Lead Your Practice Alone

The fact is, many isolated businesses fail—including medical practices. You started your practice to provide excellent patient care, not to toil away on the endless administrative and financial tasks that come with running a business. 

The reason that many businesses fail in isolation is due to lacking outside resources to dig themselves out of a rut when these moments inevitably happen. Problems addressed in a vacuum will only lead to limited resolutions. 

Making important decisions for your practice can be stressful and confusing. As a medical practitioner, the business side of your operations might not be your forte—and that’s okay. Building a team of other experts around your business can help you fill in knowledge and skill gaps within your organization without the traditional overhead of hiring that role in-house on a full-time basis. 

Knowing when to bring in some outside expertise is a mark of a savvy business owner. 

In this guide, we’ll step through the benefits of working with a dental coach. 

Whether you need hands-on assistance or high-level consulting, a dental coach can help. 

Top 5 Benefits of a Dental Coach

Are you considering expanding your team to include a professional coaching service? Here are five of the top benefits you can expect to enjoy when working with a dental coach. 

Understands the Dental Industry 

The dental industry is unlike any other. While an all-purpose business consultant may be useful in improving some areas of your operations, it’s preferable to work with industry experts. 

Guidance from a team that specializes in the dental field is ideal. When you work with dental professionals, the coaching you receive is based on direct experience, rather than translated over from other industries. 

Guidance for Managing and Optimizing Finances

Business coaching can cover a variety of areas, but financial management is often the primary driver for bringing in some outside help. 

Finances for medical practices are notoriously complex. Dental coaches with financial expertise can assist your practice in managing:

  • Revenue accounting
  • Payroll
  • Tax preparation
  • Benefits planning
  • Marketing and advertising budgets
  • Inventory management 

If your coaching comes from a team that specializes in both dental practice management and financial management, you get the best of both worlds. Dental-industry experts know the proven strategies that are best suited for your practice’s unique strengths and challenges. 

Another Voice for Making Management Decisions

Is your practice primed for growth? Perhaps you’re considering acquiring another practice, expanding to a new location, or increasing your staff size. 

Growth decisions are daunting. They affect every member of your team and require careful consideration of risks vs rewards. 

When your team is on the brink of a growth phase, guidance from an experienced industry professional is invaluable. A dental coach with financial expertise can help you decide when the time is right to take chances and seize opportunities. 

Objective Guidance 

Coaches offer objective guidance that’s free of personal complications. Your family, peers, and staff may provide helpful sounding boards, but they might not be able to recognize or communicate hard truths. 

A dental coach is able to offer insights with only your practice’s best interests in mind. Financial experts with dental industry expertise recognize every challenge and every opportunity that faces your practice. They’ll help you stay motivated, focused, and on track for growth, stability, and prosperity. 


Modern business consulting is flexible and digital. Connect to your coach when and how you want to, through video calls, email, or texting. Receive a full range of coaching services that are fully customized to your schedule and communication preferences. 

Get Dental Coaching for Your Practice Today

At Duckett Ladd, we’re a team of financial experts that exclusively serves the dental industry. 

We provide expert financial management and coaching for dentists who are navigating the complexities of running a practice. 

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