Monthly Momentum Mastermind

Give your integrator, operations manager, or office manager the training, support, and community they need to succeed in their role.

Set Your Integrator, operations manager, or office manager — and Your Practice — up for Success

Many dentists are part of a strong community, but struggle to find the time and opportunity to give their integrators the training, support, and community they need to truly succeed in their role.

We know how impactful integrators can be, and to ensure their success in your practice, we’ve created a tight-knit community that brings together growth-minded integrators, operators, and high-level office managers in small groups.

These groups are designed to:

  • Provide support, encouragement, and learning to minimize mistakes and dangers
  • Maximize opportunities and leverage their strengths within their role for your practice
  • Shorten the learning curve

Ultimately, this helps them increase the value of your business while decreasing your stress and allowing you to focus up and out.

Who’s It For?

Integrators, operations managers, and/or high level office managers looking to surround themselves with a community of elite integrators to learn, grow, and create meaningful relationships.

Why Would It Be Needed?

The Monthly Momentum Mastermind is ideal if:


Maximize Opportunities

You want your integrator, operations manager, or office manager thinking about minimizing dangers, maximizing opportunities, and leveraging strengths to navigate the current and future landscape.


Establish Community

You recently hired an integrator, operations manager, or office manager and want them surrounded by a community of other integrators and operators.


Accelerate Learning

You’re looking to give your integrator, operations manager, or office manager a community and support system to accelerate their learnings, as well as an open honest platform for them to ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking you.


Provide Benefits

You’d like to provide a benefit to one of your most valued team members while giving them access to a high-level community — and would like to see how it benefits your pratice.



What’s Included?

A monthly, hour-long growth and impact-driven Zoom call


A Private What’s App Group for in-between meeting engagement, communication, and direct contact with Zach

This is what the group stands for:

Growth Mindset – continuously striving for self-improvement

The Silver Rule – treating others the way they want to be treated

Positivity – having fun and bringing joy

Safety – creating a space of learning, encouragement, and support

Giving – collaboration over competition

About Your Coach

Zach Hoskins has over a decade of experience as an integrator, and has helped many dental practices succeed in placing an integrator in the practice to relieve stress and increase success across the team.

Sign up today to equip your integrator with the community and tools they need to succeed. When they succeed, you succeed.

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