Dental Practice Mergers and Acquisitions

Planning for a merger or acquisition for your dental practice?

Get guidance from a team of dental advisors.

Have you considered acquiring a local dental practice or merging yours with one or more practices owned by other dentists? What about starting a DSO?

Mergers and Acquisitions are complex transactions that require navigating many complex financial and regulatory factors. Once the paperwork has been completed, that is only the beginning. 

This transitional stage poses a critical moment in your practice’s health. Will you be able to continue your practice growth at the same trajectory as before? Are there unforeseen operational roadblocks and obstacles that you need to overcome? 

Every Merger and Acquisition is Unique

The circumstances surrounding each dental Merger and Acquisition are unique. It can often feel directionless when trying to cross the divide between the start and finish of your journey. 

Our team works with you to smoothly transition into a multi-location or merged practice. We base our process on three pillars: 


Diagnose Your Practice

We identify and investigate the root causes of the unique pain points that you experience as a dental practice owner. This enables our team to create a customized strategic roadmap to help you accomplish your desired goals for your Merger and Acquisition. 


Develop a Treatment Plan for Growth

Once we have an understanding of your specific pain points, we develop a treatment plan of our own. Unlike one that you create for your patient, ours is focused on supporting sustainable growth and long-term success for your business. 


Dentists Deserve to Enjoy Their Practices

We firmly believe that you deserve to enjoy the practice that you have worked incredibly hard to build. You started your business to make a difference in others’ lives. We’ll handle the administrative aspects of your practice so you can have more time to care for your patients. 

What is the Difference Between a Merger and an Acquisition?

Acquisitions typically involve the purchase of an existing practice, while mergers typically involve the formation of a new entity through the combination of two or more existing practices. Each type of transaction poses different challenges for the parties involved. 

Here are some ways that our team can assist you with your dental practice Merger or Acquisition: 


For Acquisitions

Anytime a business expands by acquiring another one, there are a number of financial considerations that need to be taken into account. This is especially relevant for dental practices, which are often complex businesses with multiple income streams. 

Our advisors can help a dental practice in navigating the financial challenges of an acquisition and ensure that the transaction is structured in a way that maximizes benefits and minimizes risks. 

For example, an advisor  can help to assess the financial health of the target practice, negotiate terms with the seller, and review contracts to ensure that they are favorable to the buyer. In addition, an advisor can provide valuable insights into tax implications and help to optimize the dental practice’s overall financial position. 

For Mergers

A merger involves forming a completely new business entity by uniting multiple dental practices under a single company. This process poses multiple professional and personal challenges that can quickly become overwhelming without sound guidance through the transition. 

In many ways, a merger symbolizes discontinuing multiple businesses and beginning a new one. Many parts are constantly moving, and it’s important to make sure that everything is done correctly in order to avoid any problems down the road. 

Our advisors can help multiple dental practices through a merger by handling all of the financial aspects of the deal. We can assist you in negotiating terms, advising on tax implications, and ensuring that the overall financial goals of the merged practices are met. 

In addition, our team can undertake the majority of your financial and administrative operations to streamline the accounting, management, and reporting for your new entity. This enables you and your partners to stay organized and focused on your patients as you work to build this new practice. 

Let Us Assist You With Your Merger or Acquisition today 

If you are planning to acquire another practice or merge yours with others, we are excited to help you enter this new phase in your career with greater confidence. 

At Duckett Ladd, we don’t believe a dentist best serves their patients from behind an office desk, and we’re sure that you also feel the same. Allow us to manage the administrative aspects of your new practice so that you can continue focusing on your long-term business goals. 

To learn more about how our advisors can assist you in the next transition for your business, contact us today.


The crew at Duckett and Ladd have taken care of all my small business books for the last year and I could not be happier. Being a refrigeration guy (and not an accountant) there are a lot of things regarding taxes I don't understand. The team allows me to sleep easy knowing that I don't need to be versed in the uniform tax code. They advise me with future growth tax strategies in mind and they take the time to explain the benefits and reasons behind the options. With the late season tax reviews I am assured there won't be any surprises.
David Warnke


Our visits each month are so appreciated. Having your input and eyes watching what we do is so helpful. The notes taken from our discussions are SOOOO beneficial and create valuable discussions for us at home. Adding both of your expertise has changed what we do and how we evaluate things for the better! THANK YOU! You both are outstanding at what you do, and I'm thrilled we are working together.
Sondra Jensen (Practice Manager) At Ben jenson dental


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