Tax Strategist

Department: Tax
Location: Springfield, MO
Job-Type: Full Time, On-Site or Remote

Submit Your Resume: trobison@duckettladd.com

Are you a tax guru?

Do you have a knack for explaining complicated things in a simple way?

Do you want your work to be more than just a paycheck?

When a new tax law goes into effect the rest of the world cringes, but not you. You get excited to bust that thing open and explore every implication. You’re a detailed person, but the big picture also comes naturally to you. You easily see how things connect in everything from tax law to business relationships. This is why your advice is highly sought after.

Being an expert feels good, doesn’t it?

We’ve created our entire business around the mission of making our client’s lives better. This idea drives everything we do, and quite frankly, we’re obsessed with it. We believe empowered business owners can change our world, and that’s why we come to work.

We accomplish this mission in our tax department by giving our clients extreme confidence that they are maximizing every tax strategy possible. This takes a team very skilled and analytical minds to pull this off.

Are you one of the rare few that fit that description?

Our firm is growing FAST, and we need another heavy hitter to help us with high-level tax strategies.

About this job:

This is a high-caliber position. You don’t just need to be a tax person; you need to be an absolute tax GURU. We need someone who thrives on collaboration, teaching, and continually learning.

A CPA license is required, and expertise in partnership tax law and real estate are a huge plus.

We are a team-driven firm. We’ve worked extremely hard to build an awesome culture and we can’t afford to screw it up. If you’re a whiner, pot-stirrer, drama queen or a liar, please move on. This is not the place for you.

The daily mission of a Tax Strategist includes working with our team to prepare and review our more complex tax returns, mentoring our younger associates, developing and guiding clients through comprehensive tax strategies, and ensuring efficient flow of work through our entire tax department.

We are rapidly pursuing new technology and we believe in teaching as much as we possibly can. We do this through our weekly blogs, videos and frequent presentations throughout our community. 

To fit in here, you need to be hungry, humble and people smart. You need to be willing to push the envelope. And you need to love helping others. Without these ingredients, we simply cannot fulfill our mission.  If you live these values out every day, you will find that our non-traditional view on our organizational structure, and meritocracy could allow for rapid advancement.

At the end of every week, you’re going to feel accomplished. You’re going to know you made a difference. And you’re going to love the people you worked with to make that difference.

Are you the humble, hungry, helpful Tax pro we’re looking for?

Send a copy of your resume to trobison@duckettladd.com with the subject line “Tax Guru” and we will be in touch!

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